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  1. Treenet, I will see if there are some options like you are showing in my Suite version. I se some icons that are unfamiliar to me. But I see what you are doing and like what I see. I could build my exterior walls to 1.5" and get the plate added then add the roof and gable. then adjust the wall height as needed for fit and desired room dimensions. Thanks J
  2. Treenet, I am building a 3' wall around the perimeter of the second floor and the rafters will be on top of that. I am trying to maximize my headroom and interior room by doing this. Otherwise the master bedroom will be rather narrow I think. And I may switch to a 10/12 pitch, design in progress! Really enjoying this though. My best half likes to see what something will look like before giving a thumbs up or down, thus this software.
  3. Ahh so close! I added the 3' walls as an after thought and forgot to rename the floor areas. There will be a gable at the shower area extending to the corner where there will be a door to a deck off the master bedroom. Need a correct roof to put the dormer in first. Work in progress...... I will try these ideas when I get back at it tonight. These late night sessions are wearing on me!! Thanks!!!
  4. I am trying to add a roof on this plan and have planes going all over the place! General plan is 1st floor 8' walls, seconf floor 3' knee wall then wanting a 12/12 pitch roof. I am tired and hoping someone can assist. I am missing something real simple I am sure. I just cant find it! Teach me please. See attached plan. Thank you!! I am using a mac with OSX Yosemite 10.10.2 26X40.plan
  5. I am trying to build a loft area and seem to have an issue with the floors in the area that is open to below. If I make area on second floor "open to below" it adds walls to the second floor. The second floor is in the "attic" space of a 12/12 pitch roof, very common. If I make the area "attic" the walls disappear but now I have a floor in what should be open to below. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  6. Select a door or window, then click the Gable Over Door/Window edit button. I am not finding the gable over door/window edit button anywhere?
  7. I purchased Home Designer Suite. I am finding some limitations either in the program or my ability to be creative with it? I want to add a gabled entry way roof to add some curb appeal to a house plan. Cant seem to find that. I was hoping to use engineered floor trusses, having some difficulty with that. Are these features found only in the full on version for $500? Looking for some advise, will upgrade if needed. Thanks, J
  8. I see, that should work for what I need. I can set roof angle to 6/12 and ceiling to 4/12 and that should give me a visual of the design. Thanks, J
  9. I am new to actually using software for drawings and I have searched for this but did not find any info. Can you use/design a scissor truss in Home Designer? Looking for a 6/12 out 4/12 in. Thanks, Joe