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  1. Northriver

    Plan Revisions

    This must be something unique to your area or state. I have never seen the delta sign used on a set of drawings nor have I seen delta in the AIA specifications relating to revisions. I have seen R 1 or REV 1 that corresponds to a revision table that contains a date, revision number, page number, the initials of who did it and an explanation of why the revision was necessary.
  2. Northriver

    Changing size of floor tile

    Make sure you did not have the "paint roller" Icon selected when spraying the new material over the old or it will blend the old with the new. Your defaults will not change also when spraying one material over another.
  3. Northriver

    no trusses

    He mentions 200.00. So he must be using Architectural. Before you bought they have a list of features available in each version. Also materials list will not be 100% unless you draw the plan 100% correct. If it has not been more than 30 days, get your money back and spend the money on an architectural ruler, 17x22-1/4" grid paper, pencils and erasers. Buildings are still built using 2D drawings all over the US. The truss design will be done by the truss company and a structural engineer for lateral and vertical loads.