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My name is Cindy. I have worked in Interior Design and mostly new construction since the 1980's. I have done several remodeling jobs but at that time, I drew layouts on paper. I have been working with Home Designer Architectural programs for several years, but only used the basic drawing tools and did not practice with detailed placement. I need to learn them now, as I recently married (almost 4 years ago) and moved into my husband's home.  The house is a one story ranch built in the 1960's and has had some updates done back in the 90's. There is not much closet space and not enough wall space for my furniture so I am trying to remodel the house to make room for my furnishings and to update it.  Unfortunately, we have to stay pretty much within the footprint of the house so I am having some challenges. I have been playing around with different Home Designer programs for the past 4 years and with every yearly upgrade, the program gets more complicated.  I have drawn the existing floor plan as it is now but am having trouble learning the more difficult aspects like foundation with crawl space, creating terrain so the foundation adjusts to the terrain. I am using Home Designer Pro 2021. I will be monitoring different postings from time to time to see if I can get an idea of how this works.