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    3D Plants

    I'm a relatively new user to Home Designer having just purchased Home Designer Architectural 2014 in mid-May. I used it for a while, really liked it, and then noticed that the 2015 version had been released. Customer service was great and allowed me to upgrade to 2015 for free. My question is, did 2014 also use 2D images to show plants in a 3D view or did it actually have 3D plants? My memory is fading as I get older and I truly can't remember, however I could have sworn that the 2014 version I was using had 3D plants. We are currently looking to redo the landscaping on our property so I'm focused on the exterior. However, we also want to look at some potential remodels inside of the home. I purchased the Home Designer software as it looked like that it would serve both of my purposes. However, my wife and I just can't seem to get a good idea of what the flower beds will really look like just using the 2D images.