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  1. Thanks All, Will try the above. Am a new user and the software is a bit complicated for me currently.
  2. Unfortunatey, that works for the interior, but iif you have an angled ceiling then it cuts through the roof and you see it on the outside
  3. Thanks for the response. It is a cathedral ceiling in the bedroom that has been clipped, the portion of the wall that has the shingles is bottom of the second floor bedroom wall that intersects the roof line. I posted the plan below and it is the master bedroom on floor 1 first floor outline.plan rev 3.plan
  4. If I reverse layers, the outside of the house has drywall in this area. If I use the paint can, same thing. I looked at the old forum, but the commands are not the same. I have the same issue in the garage where the second floor wall on the interior of the garage is siding, and the rest of the garage is drywall. If I change the siding to drywall, the rooms upstairs have siding on them instead of drywall. Thanks for your help, Armand Doc2.pdf