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    Walls Protrude Roof Plane

    Hi David, thanks for your reply. I did exactly this, and it is only when I click on ignore 2nd floor the problem occurs. If the walls are left at default thickness, then no problem.
  2. RDownham

    Walls Protrude Roof Plane

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and Home Designer Suite 2015. I wonder if someone can help me with this nagging issue. I'm trying to create a living space in an attic with a number of rooms, with an attic above that. I found that the best option was to create an "A" frame house. All works well with my pitched roof set at 40 deg and the ignore 2nd floor check box is activated. When I change the default wall thickness to 577mm, the walls then protrude the roof plane (See attached). Even if I make these invisible, you get some parts still showing through. Any help/advise will be most welcome. Thanks Richard