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    Wedge shaped stairs

    Great, thanks!
  2. MrsBearshark

    Deck over conditioned space

    Here's a snapshot of the error I get when trying to add deck framing...
  3. MrsBearshark

    Wedge shaped stairs

    Is there a way to cut one side of a flight of stairs at an angle? My design includes a 15 degree rotation between 2 volumes, and I'd like a straight run of stairs to connect, but follow the 2 different angles. I've checked the knowledge base, but all I can find is information on how to create winders, which is not exactly what I'm trying to do. All the treads will have the same depth, but one side will be cut at a 15 degree angle. See attached image. I'd like the side of the stairs at the top of the image to follow the angle of the wall next to it, while the side of the stairs in the bottom of the image remains where it is. Thanks! Using Home Designer Pro 2019 on a Macbook Pro
  4. MrsBearshark

    Deck over conditioned space

    can anyone help me out with this?
  5. MrsBearshark

    Deck over conditioned space

    Hello, I'm new to home designer pro, and have been having a hard time creating a second story deck over a main level conditioned space in a way that shows both the roof framing for the main level, and the 2x sleepers of the deck framing. Is it possible to do this? or do I have to choose one or the other? So far, I have been able to create a roof over the main level (shed with 1/4" per foot slope), but I can't then draw a deck over that and not have issues with the framing diagrams. The roof construction will be 11 7/8" TJIs slightly rotated to create a drainage slope, with plywood and EPDM membrane above. On top of that will be 2x sleepers cut with a slight slope to match the roof so that there is a flat surface for the deck. In one location, there will be a porch below rather than an interior room, but the roof/deck construction will be the same. What is the best way to achieve an accurate model of this? Thanks for your help! Maya