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  1. Thanks - the roof is OK in that area - the back right is still messed up - but the left is more important.
  2. I have attached a jpg with red lines on it - that is where I want to place a flat ceiling over this room. The ceiling will actually be the height of the second floor on the right side of the structure. Do I need to chop up/create a room below to do this? It is in effect a single room. And if you want to comment on how I can adjust the roofline on the back right I wouldn't mind some help there also. Thanks - Brian (profile should say I'm running suite 2020 on Windows 10) want-flat-ceiling.plan
  3. I'm finally getting back to this. I can't get the roofline on the 'outside-1' to line up. It thinks there are several roofs needed..... I've tried several wall combinations. Also, on the front of the house - the shed roofs are supposed to be identical - but the one on the right side can't be moved without the software complaining that it can't complete the roof. thanks wrong-roof-lines.plan
  4. Thanks. Very close now - the small 1'10" area has a roof return but I'll live with that. The big piece that I think held things back was that there was no room defined. I created the second floor manually (because of the cathedral ceiling on the rest of the first floor) which I suspect caused the walls to be set to not define a room. I removed the other dormers to focus on this. This is NOT a dormer roof - manually created sides are exterior - full gable end wall is exterior - hip with a 3/12 pitch Thanks I
  5. Several walls were set to no room - I've fixed that. Solver: I do not see what you uploaded. I've attached what I see. The main roof line should not increase in height and the sides of the dormer should be on the same plane as the first floor exterior walls. You've given me a few more things to experiment with.
  6. What part of: Problem: I can not get the software to create a shed roof over that area of the second floor. is not clear enough?
  7. And the dormer tool would not initially allow me to place a dormer in that area. I had to change the alcove settings in the roof dialog to 5' to get the auto dormer tool to allow it to be placed there. When I did that, I had to move back the walls I had defined - it also created its own walls (not using the existing walls).
  8. Sorry - when you are so close to the issue/problem you can't describe it correctly. Problem: I can not get the software to create a shed roof over that area of the second floor.
  9. I tried putting an exterior wall that covered the base - but the roof that was automatically created was a hip style roof. I created an interior wall to close off that section but the roof remained the same. I also tried creating an interior wall (gable sides, shed) with no luck. I did not however define a room.
  10. Using Home Designer Suite 2019 - I did a quick check of the differences between the pro and suite and I don't think my issue is lack of functionality in the Suite version.... but I've been wrong plenty of times before. I have looked through multiple q/a and tutorials on shed roofs and shed roof dormers. The house has a standard 12/12 pitch roof with several shed dormers off the front. There is only a second floor on the right section of the house with a 'normal' shed dormer on the front and a shed roof on the back that extends over the bump out (4') - so its not real