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    How to eliminate splotches of color...

    Don't have all those options with Architectural version. Kinda lousy for them to have an option that fixes a problem that impacts the features of the other version but not make that option available to those versions!
  2. theLaneNest

    How to eliminate splotches of color...

    Kbird1... I read that article. It doesn't apply to HD Architectural. Except the part of using the Full Camera View from outside instead of the Full Overview. Which I can see how that would be fine. But I don't see an alternative to the Doll House view which I like using. Seems silly to have a settable option (the Clip Surfaces Within) which fixes a problem like this but not make that option available for all versions (unless I'm still just missing it somewhere).
  3. theLaneNest

    How to eliminate splotches of color...

    Thanks... I wouldn't of thought to look up z fighting. Anyway, my plan is sitting on a large terrain which sounds like that causes these kinds of problems. I worked hard to get my 5 acre parcel with a cliff, etc represented in HD as a the terrain before drawing the home plan. Anyway, I was excited when I read about simply setting the clipping distance when doing those kinds of larger views. But it doesn't appear to be available in HD Architectural. At least I couldn't find it. Am I simply missing it somewhere or am I out of luck?
  4. theLaneNest

    How to eliminate splotches of color...

    Using HD Architectural; 2015 (also happened in 2014). When viewing Full Overview images or Doll House views, I get splotches of color in the images. As I pan around, the splotches come and go appearing in different parts of the view. They make the images really unattractive. When I do a 3d Full Camera walk around it's fine. I can walk all around the home and it always looks perfect. But in Doll House views and views taken using Full Overview I get them. I've attached a few images. First two are using Full Overview. In the first you can see the gold/tan color on the roof (which is all dark gray). In the second one you can see the splotches on the siding. The third image is using Doll House View and you can see the blue lines on the wood floor and carpet. Any suggestions on settings I could set that might eliminate them? Thank you in advance for any help or advise you can give.