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  1. Dave, But how do you set different ceiling heights for the front and back wall? Am I missing something?
  2. How do you create a saltbox roof on a single story structure. I guess I should be asking, can you have a structure with different height exterior walls as these would be needed also with the shed design I'm trying to create. Please, if you know how to do this I would appreciate your time. Thanks
  3. Sorry to say, yes. I was not allowed to build what I wanted by town per say. Rethinking it now.
  4. I don't want walls inside. It is a 12'wide stall with a 12'ceiling for a lift. I want the remainder to be a 10' ceiling which is why I wan't two separate areas.DRAWING.pdf
  5. I'm trying to figure out how to create a 28 x 48 garage with a 12' wide stall with 12' ceiling and remainder with 10' ceilings. The area above the 10' ceiling are to be a room above. I also want the exterior wall height to be 14' with the top plate level all around. Then I will have an 8:12 pitch roof. How do I get the ceiling joist to 12 and the second floor joists at different levels? DRAWING.pdf
  6. wrenchmaster

    Bay windows

    How doe I extend a three window bar out over a foundation? This is three double hung windows, one each on each wall extended out over the foundation like they did in the 1900's to 1920 home designs.
  7. Is it possible to get the plan you've built? I'd like to see how you achieved this. How big is the room before the slope ceiling begins? Thanks
  8. Thats it.. are the ceilings 10 feet in the new addition? How did you accomplish this?
  9. YES! Now, on the second floor ridge. I want a saltbox like roof in the front
  10. I need a second floor over the new building. I also need 10' ceiling in the new building on the first floor and 8' on the second. I wanted to keep the 8:12 pitch on the front roof that matches the original garage.
  11. HDPGaragePlanTryAgain.plan
  12. This what I'm trying to do..