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    Camera Views

    Hello, My wife is running Home Pro 20, When she goes into perspective view or any view for that matter materials generates as it looks like a digital break down. I reset the program but no luck.See attached PDF. CA X12 Untitled 1.pdf
  2. I have home pro 2020 and just recently invested in the chief X11 and i want to transfer the Pro 2020 license ovet tot my son,CAn this bed done and if so how? Cheers
  3. How can i import my excel file with a window schedule into my layout sheet? Any takers? Cheers
  4. Hello Its me again, Can i create a window/door schedule in home designer pro 2019? N.B
  5. TotalStation


    In my layout i have my roof attached to my foundation and i cant get it out of that mode,i want to place it where it belongs.At the top of the walls,Any direction?? Home Design Pro
  6. My Apolgies,I am just an amateur. Thank you both HD Pro 2019 HD Architectural 2018 KInd Regards
  7. Hello Again, I want to put a barrel raduis in the gable between the two columns,Can anyone give me directtion please. Regards Nova Scotia Build.pdf