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  1. ddestimate

    How Do I Create A Door Schedule??

    Evolution, you need to open the area you have highlighted....then everything turns BLUE.....you will then be able to edit/delete. To adjust the columns, while you are still on the floor plan page with the material list in grey, you can drag the tabs at the top and bottom to change the width and heigth and the number of columns.........
  2. ddestimate

    How Do I Create A Door Schedule??

    From floor plan; view create a materials list from materials list window click on tools then display options from materials list display options uncheck everything but windows and doors you will now see only doors and windows highlight everything and go to edit push copy go to floor plan right click and paste open......you can then edit words, rows, size.. makes a nice window and door schedule......pretty neat
  3. ddestimate

    How Do I Create A Door Schedule??

    Thanks for your response, that is exactly how I have been making my Window and Door Schedules......but I knew there had to be a better way. I stumbbled into the "better way" today. Create a material list, then from display remove everything except windows and door, then remove the rows you do not want, copy and paste to floor plan and the open. Worked like a charm.
  4. ddestimate

    How Do I Create A Door Schedule??

    I am wanting to put a door and window schedule on my floor plan view. I could not find anything in the training videos. Thanks, Robert