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  1. Thanks Gary, I transferred my licence to another computer and it worked beautifully. Seems that it is a computer problem not a Chief problem Terry
  2. Further clarifications Home Designer Pro 2020 Program only freezes on opening any of the following Import drawing (DWG,DXF) Import Terrain Data Import GPS Data. This is really puzzling as reloading the program does not fix it. Terry
  3. Hi, I am having trouble with importing a DWG file into a plan. We can perform all other actions except the above. On selection of Import Drawing DWF file the program freezes and does not open the import dialog box. We have to close the program and reopen it. We have reloaded Home Designer Pro 2020 in Repair status = No success. We have deleted the program and reloaded = no success. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you. Terry