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  1. On Friday, I subitted a ticket through the technical support centre to cancel my monthly rental of Home Designer Pro. I did this with the understanding that my request could be processed, as I had previously requested a refund for another Home Designer product through the technical support centre. However, as of today I have not recieved a reply to my ticket to cancel the rental and it says that the case is not assigned. I just read that you need to contact sales by email or telephone to cancel it. I have followed this instruction by sending an email to sales to ask for cancellation, but I am puzzled as to why technical support has not yet assigned my rental cancellation to anyone, when it did for my refund request. Why is this? Could you please confirm the proper departament to contact and that I can do it siccessfully through email? I live outside the US and feel better using written correspondence to settle finnancial issues.
  2. I plan to write about my experiences of using different versions of Home Designer, so, I need to a considerable amount of time to fully understand every aspect of it. The respective versions will teach me what I need to know. I want to come away with the knowledge of what each one is like, with or without certain features, like Essentials lacking a 3D full camera and having far less materials in its Home Designer catalogue. I feel that on hands experience is the best instructor for me. Busy is what I always am, I was just making a passing remark about it. I make a lot of effort to do everything. If anything, Home Designer is helping me better my outlook on architecture in ways I have not previously known.
  3. I have stated that Home Designer Pro was the best choice for me. I still believe that, owing to the rich set of design features of said program, but I did not know the differences between Pro and the other versions, so I have tried the versions below it to determine what they were. I have examined Essentials, Home Suite and Professional, with the intent of uncovering the differences between them. Granted, the comparison sheet between them is very coprehensive, but I needed to know what the stripped down versions of Home Designer had and what they were lacking firsthand, by looking at what was on offer and what was missing. Who else here has tested multiple versions of Home Designer? I ask because I would be interested to hear the opinions of people who have seen how the various versions compare and contrast with each other. I like Pro, but since I have conducted my trial runs, starting with Essentials and Suite and have purchased both, so that I may have time to study both programs during my rather busy routine. I feel like I need to get to know Home Designer starting from its roots, and then working my way upwards through Suite, to Architectural and then finally, settling down with Pro. Is this an enlightened approach?
  4. Chiefpdb

    Upgrade from HD Architectural to HD Pro

    It's very helpful of you to share these links with us. To know that Chief Architect is involved in the international arena is inspiring to say the least. I wasn't previously aware that it was, being an American program that is currently not translated into other languages. How fortunate we are that it is.
  5. Taking into account all the possible functions, Chief Architect would be the best choice, if you can divert 2% of your income after tax to renting the program monthly on a decent salary. The elite programs are always the more dear, but as the company behind Chief Architect has demonstrated, there are always answers or alternatives that can accommodate even the most enonomic of architects or home users. Of all the companies that offer home designer software, this one is the more flexible in terms of value and quality. Others may be cheaper, but they are not as comprehensive as Home Designer, I have personally found.
  6. Speaking strictly for myself, I believe Pro to be the best tool of them all. I was thinking of ultimately choosing Essentials, but I soon realised that the best fruit I've picked have always been the ones that were cultivated with the most care and time. Pro offers the most comprehensive tools and is the fairest deal, price wise. Granted, it's not the easiest program to use, but if take the time to learn how it works, the rewards will be worth the time spent. Already, I'm finding this out. I only practice a little with it a day, but already, I've learned how to create the exterior and interior walls, I'm now familiar with how to drag and drop items, how to navigate the catalogue and use the room cameras instead of the full panoramic views for easier room to room inspection. For reforms and new ideas alike, Pro offers the widest choice of design elements. An open mind is built on the principle of having the most useful means at your disposal. In my eyes, HD Pro offers them. All my successes, my best electrodomestics and televisions, my screenwriting and my choice of computer have all been well worth my investments because I chose the highest tier items available at the time. My low points always came when I chose less than them, because for me, they didn't offer me the more developed and progressive tools to achieve my aims, nor did they have the practical or interesting features that I was looking for. This is why I chose Pro. I might not rent it long enough to permenantly own the license, but I will make use of the software for as long as I can, to design my fictional scenarios and to better understand the ones I read in literature. Also, consider that renting to own Pro, even for a time, will give you credit that you can use to earn a discount from Pro should you with to eventually buy it. Of course, to each his or her own.