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  1. Thank you for the helpful video, I have it now. Not only was I missing a step but I also did not set up the ceiling height correctly per your previous instructions because I missed a closet. I have things looking as imagined now.
  2. Changed it but the roof still looks the same Thant makes sense to me but I will need to get the roof back before I can do that, or should I go back and lower all the ceilings first then undo auto rebuild roofs?
  3. I am having an issue with a roof line. When I got the ceiling heights as I wanted them I lost the roofline I had. The red line signifies the original gable on the house. The overhang above the second story windows should be the eave of the second story roof. Can someone guide me as to how to get the apparent 3rd story to disappear? Proposed_House_Plan_E.plan
  4. This seems to have worked! Not all of the rooms on the second floor allowed me to change the ceiling below value because it was greyed out, but I was able to manually change values until I got it right. I still have some weird roof problem but I think it best to address that in another thread. I have modified the name of this thread slightly to better describe what the issue was in hopes that someone else will find the answer they need. Thank you again @solver
  5. The original part of the house is the southernmost square. The floors and ceilings in this part should be the same and I think they are accurate. The rest of the building is an addition and all of the first story floors should be at the same level as the original house. The second story floors in the addition should all be the same with what is yielded by a 100” finished ceiling height in the family room section of story 1. I realize the second story floors will end up a step up from the original house. Appreciate the reply!
  6. I have several different floor levels on the second floor and am having trouble sorting them out. I believe this si making my roof messed up also. The ceilings are several different heights. Can someone tell me where I went wrong? I am not awesome with the software and have dozens of hours trying to draw an addition which is the North half of the house. Please tell me I don't have it so goofed up I need to start over! Proposed_House_Plan_D.plan
  7. I don't want to draw exterior walls or railings though, I just want it to fasten to the wall with brackets like the picture. I haven't been able to identify a way to do that yet.
  8. Muttley000

    roof over door

    I need to add a roof over an exterior door. How is this accomplished?
  9. I assume this is caused by the same (I continue working on other parts of the plan)
  10. In the bottom of the two pictures the roof above the section with windows flips from having a peak in the middle to continuing upwards.
  11. Muttley000

    Odd Wall Issue

    Appreciate all the good help I get here! I have attached 2 pictures. Why when I increase the ceiling height of the largest room of the second floor do I get this odd thing going on with the attic wall? Proposed House Plan B.plan
  12. Very close, thank you for the help! I love the program, but the learning curve is proving to be a little steeper than I expected.
  13. Best place to pick up that information in your opinion is where??
  14. I am designing an addition onto our house. There are 3 things I am struggling with as I work on the kitchen area which is represented in the area by the full gable wall with no windows in it in this picture. First, what is the proper way to make the roof meet up with the second story roof (The two story section behind the kitchen is part of the same project.) Second, the bump out that is the full gabled section is just a foot wide bump out that will have a tall window in it, I want to make the peak of this higher so that it is nearly as tall as the original part of the house represented by