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  1. Eric, That is great.... exactly what I wanted to do with the stone around the bottom.... now to figure out how to do that all :-) Thanks for the suggestion Chris
  2. David Using Home Designer Pro 2015. Looks like I could import a 3d model if I could find one
  3. All, Working on an outdoor kitchen design and want to show an outdoor Pizza oven. I thought make a fireplace tool would work but not giivng the desired result as the opening is a lot higher. Any tips would be helpful
  4. David thanks for the tip, that worked.... but now how do I change the size of the post to something like 12"x12" Chris
  5. chrisnoland

    Cabana Design

    All, applogize for the noob question but trying to understand how to lay out a cabana where the are no walls but 4 (or more) posts on the corners but then a full roof. I have been through most of the online videos and have not see a way to build it as a stand alone structure Any pointers would be great Thanks Chris