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    printing scaled dwgs for model building

    Thanks for the input. I did not do a good asking my question. What I was looking to do was to print on paper a scaled drawing to use as a template for building a scaled 3D model from balsa wood, glue, etc. I ended up sending the image to a pdf and then playing with the scaling of Adobe to get the scale pretty close. Used info at to help me understand how manipulate Adobe's settings to get what I wanted. May have also been possible to do from Home Designer but I did not succeed until I saved it as a pdf. Thank you very much for you help.
  2. gmcmath

    printing scaled dwgs for model building

    Also, THANKYOU very much for your help!
  3. gmcmath

    printing scaled dwgs for model building

    I maybe misunderstanding what a 3D printer is in this context. I've seen videos of these printers actually construction parts from solid models from plastics and metals. Is that what you are refering to or do mean a large format plotter for large (ie: D or E) size drawings? If it is the large format plotter which size sheet should I choose to produce a true 1/16 scale print out?
  4. gmcmath

    printing scaled dwgs for model building

    I don't have access to a 3D printer. My intention was to use the design in the software to layout (at the right scale of 1:16) the property lines and footprint of the existing house and the additions. Then I would build framed walled from balsa wood of the exterior walls at the actual scaled size of 1:16. The ultimate goal was to allow my wife and I to play with the layout of interior spaces and the possibility of a adding a 2nd floor. The software does a great job in a virtual sense but we wanted to build it first on a tabletop. So what I really need is a print out of a footprint that allows me to set the framed walls directly on the lines identified by the software.
  5. Very new user so this may be dumb question. Here goes: Want to build a scale model of remodel wife and I are planning. Have drawn up property lines with set backs and squeezed the house + remodel into these limits. Want to print out the drawing and tape to foam board as basis for building (with balsa wood/glue/etc.) a 1:16 model. I cannot figure out how to print this. Anyone know how to do this? Using Home Designer Pro 2015.