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  1. Imyourguy

    Mechanical systems

    Thank you.
  2. Imyourguy

    Mechanical systems

    Can I manually add line items to account for the cost that the program does not automatically calculate? Such as electrical wiring and boxes, plumbing piping, in-floor heating, HWT tank, etc.
  3. Imyourguy

    Mechanical systems

    In the cost estimating of a project, how does I account for plumbing, heating and electrical systems? Can I add line items to the material list to account for this?
  4. Imyourguy

    Exterior wall material

    How do I go about highlighting the gable portion of the wall as a separate wall? Thank you.
  5. Imyourguy

    Exterior wall material

    When i change the material, only the lower part of the wall finish changes. The upper part stays with the default material.
  6. Imyourguy

    Exterior wall material

    How do i get the gable end part of the exterior wall to match the lower part of the exterior wall?