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    Pro 2014 Can not see driveway in 3D

    Thank you, I thought it would be something easy like that. Worked perfect.
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    Pro 2014 Can not see driveway in 3D

    I have HD Pro 2014 and newer at this program. I have the house and driveway all in including wall terrain walls. My problem is the driveway is a little complicated so as some point I must have changed it to Standard Polyline and it will not show up on the 3D view. I was able to put another driveway next to it and that shows up. The problem is I put a lot of time into getting all the curves and walkways to line up and don't really want to do it again. Is there a way to change the driveway back to Terrain Feature from Polyline? And my computer is very fast and has no problem with a new driveway added next to the old driveway and even the sidewalk and street show up fine. In the photo you can see it before it goes into 3D And here it is in 3D view. You can see a small patch of driveway that I added that shows up fine. Thanks, Bryan