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  1. I figured it out....Sometimes I feel like 30 years of drafting counts for nothing. You have to make sure the foundation walls are exterior facing. It's that whole, clockwise vs counter-clockwise drafting thing. Once you ensure your foundation walls are all facing the right way, everything lines up just fine.
  2. I'm having this same problem. I have general wall settings set to resize around the exterior of the main wall, but when I click on the "align with wall above" tool, I get the foundation aligned with the outer edge of my exterior facade. And my exterior wall only has the studs as the main layer as shown. It's driving me nuts....
  3. Eric, Thank you so much! That accomplished what I was hoping for. I was bypassing the "elevation feature" menu and and simply building a "flat region." After that first mention of the "elevation feature" in the tutorial, every subsequent mention of the "feature" referred to it as a "flat region," and between that and the fact that opening the object gave me a "flat region specifications" box, I made the assumption that a 'flat region' was an "elevation feature." I bow to your greater understanding. Jo_Ann....perhaps in the future, when a poster has listed the steps they took, Step 1- Step 2- Step 3, and you tell them to double check Step 2, specify that you don't mean the second step they executed, but actual step number two from the tutorial that was referenced. That would have been so much more helpful that "you're doing it wrong"
  4. Trust me, that's not the problem. The instructions say If we look at my screenshot ... 1. I have a Flat Region selected (upper left of plan.) I have opened the object. I am therefore viewing the "Flat Region Specification" dialog. 2. On the left of the dialog, I have: "Polyline, Selected Line, Line Style, and Fill Style" panel options. ergo, there is no "elevation panel" The tutorial I'm following for creating a stepped terraced or stepped terrain was published July of 2015 and is applicable to Home Designer Pro. Ergo, it should be applicable to later versions. (See the next screen shot.) I have even created a blank file, added a terrain perimeter, added a flat region, and then opened the flat region to attempt to edit it's elevation. Still no elevation option. And yet, when I add elevation lines, they provide the appropriate option Somehow, my program is not enabling elevation "objects," specifically flat regions, to edit their elevation. I'm hoping someone has seen this before, and/or knows a work around for terraced regions. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I've updated my signature. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2019 And I've been searching all over the built-in help system for three hours. The web site, the knowledge base, even this forum. Research is actually something I'm fairly adept at, I've been managing projects on my own for years, but I can't find an answer to this. Why am I missing the "Elevation" option under "Flat Region Specifications"?
  6. I'm trying to edit the elevation of a flat region. But when I open the Specification Dialog, I'm missing the Elevation option on the left. I'm supremely frustrated. This is what I'm seeing. These are the instructions I'm following from the HomeDesigner Pro website. What am I missing?!?! I've been trying for three hours to figure out a work around and I'm tearing my hair out!!