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    Can I rotate house?

    I've created a detailed design of my home, but am now doing some work on the yard so have moved to the exterior design. I realize now that my home is oriented incorrectly (North-South), so I'm wondering how, or if, I can change it. I have the survey, so I would like to use the survey coordinates to help create my boundaries. 1. Can I rotate a completely designed home? The design is pretty detailed and every time I've tried to move it, it makes a mess of things. 2. If I do, what are the implications? Right now the front door is at the bottom of the page while the back door is at the top. When using HD, this makes the most sense and is easy to understand. If i do rotate the house to the correct cardinal direction the house will be pointing to the right which will make it harder to work with while in the application. If I rotate it, will i still be able to work on the house in the original orientation (front door down, back door up (on the computer screen))? Thoughts / options? Thanks for any help you can provide, Regards, Donald HD Architectural 2019