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    Thanks for your reply. Now waypoints do not move.
  2. jimintexas


    Thank you for your previous response. I want to start with a plot plan and design a fence with reference to 4 key GPS way points. When I import my GPS points Home Designer Pro encloses the way points with a perimeter. I want to edit the perimeter (and future fence) so that it lines up with certain way points. If I select and edit the perimeter and try to move it in relation to my way points, the way points move as well. If my question is not clear let me know. thanks
  3. I am not familiar with this forum. If there is not a guide please provide basics on its use. For example what is a Tag?
  4. I have hand written GPS coordinates such as N29.85646 W96.66372 describing key locations on my property that I need to consider when I design my fence and home. I would like to include these GPS locations in my terrain view. I tried using NotePad to generate a .txt file but get an error. Is there a way to import GPS points without have an actual GPS file?