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  1. Lindsey2195

    Standard exterior stud spacing?

    Good idea. Plenty of building around here.
  2. Lindsey2195

    Standard exterior stud spacing?

    Thank you. I see, so location has a lot to do with it: snow, wind, etc. among the other many other structural concerns. I'm in Colorado. Engineers probably wouldn't approve 24 on very many projects here, so I guess I'll go to the trouble of changing all wall type defaults to 16 o. c. as the most likely scenario.
  3. Lindsey2195

    Standard exterior stud spacing?

    Just curious as I am going through all the wall type definitions, I notice that any exterior walls that are 2x6 are all on 24" centers. Is 24" more standard than 16" in the home building industry? 24 seems better for insulation, but I assumed 16 was standard. I am not in the industry, but built mine with 16" centers.