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  1. mdavis0698

    Home Designer Pro 2019 is shrinking exterior rooms

    I didn't have time to wait for a bug fix. I did an installation repair and that "seems" to have fixed it.
  2. I am using Home Designer Pro 2019. When I first started a space plan and told it to "Build House" the exterior walls pushed outwards and maintained the exterior room sizes. However, I have a current space plan that is shrinking all exterior rooms by 3" to 3.5" each side and causing misalignment with interior walls (I discovered they actually vary). Is there a default setting that I may have chosen that is causing it? I have checked EVERYTHING in the manual about defaults and cannot find a reason this may occur. I have tried changing every setting that I can think of to be the culprit setting, but have been unable to find it. Please help.
  3. mdavis0698

    Can you modify a Monolithic Slab

    Eric, that is a spread footing & stem wall. I'm talking about a monolithic slab, which is basically a concrete slab with thickened edges for a footing. In most places (such as where I am from), these are usually only used in commercial structures. However, Oklahoma has predominantly patio homes (on monolithic slabs).
  4. mdavis0698

    Can you modify a Monolithic Slab

    I need to see if there is a way to modify a monolithic slab. In this case I want to modify the vertical leg/foundation/footing. I began working in Architecture in 1978, and moved to Cad in the early 90's. I've designed and built many buildings using CAD (Various applications, but predominantly AutoCAD). In AutoCAD Architecture I was able to give the thickness of the slab, dimension of the chamfer from the slab to the vertical leg, the vertical leg height and thickness. I have not been able to discover a way to modify these settings in 2019 HD Pro, Is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated. I've modified the default settings (in every way I could find, and yes.... one at a time) for both the monolithic slab and the foundations.