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  1. Yes, I made the same modification and it works. The Corrugated Roof material option runs the rib the wrong way. Glitch in the material default? Thanks.
  2. I want to visually show the heat tape supplier and the installer exactly where to put the heat tape. The heat tape is integral with a 16" metal panel clip that attaches to the major corrugations of the roof panel, to hide the heat tape. The clip is painted to match the roof panel. If I do a roof panel aerial view, the panel configurations seem to run the wrong direction. SFP-SCH-PBR Shingle Cable Holder Datasheet.pdf
  3. Having an issue getting a roof panel plan showing the metal roof corrugations so I can design a roof tape heating system. I built the cabin I designed on Home Designer Pro 2019 and its going through its first winter, 12' of snow so far, and the ice dam areas are showing up. How can I print a layout?
  4. How do I paint a standard metal roof panel a special color? I have a paint chip I want to match. I know how to paint but do not know the RGB Numbers. I have scanned in the chip into a JPEG.
  5. That makes sense. Thanks.
  6. Guess I figured it out myself, but it's a bit of a work around. I have to send images of the plan file to Layout and resize them individually. Kind of a guess on being to scale. Let me know if there is a more scientific way to do this. I am sure it will come up again?
  7. I am creating 18"x 24" pdf drawings for permit. When I place the North Elevation on a layout, then back to the plan, rotate it to show the East Elevation, and move it to the Layout, when I go to Print a PDF, both elevations default to the last one I moved to the Layout. How can I freeze the North Elevation in the Layout and then move the East Elevation and have them remain? I need these to scale, so I can't move an Image to the Layout, it's too big? Is it just a setting?
  8. How do you scale standard material? I am using River Rock on my tall fireplace and all the round rock is way too large in Camera View. I would like it to be 33-50% of the generated size. Thanks.
  9. I know, brute force is an understatement. It's my first project with Pro, and it's been a work in process, design / build with the wife. Should I just delete all the roofs and let them auto build or should I just start over? I think I can generate good enough plans for permit from what I have but would like it to be better. Using Deck Plank for Tongue and Groove ceiling has proven to be a challenge at the hips and valley, its direction jumps around.
  10. Thanks a ton. You're the best.
  11. In the Orthographic Framing view, the gable wall framing is not showing. How do I keep some material layers from showing in this view as well? I also have two small attic wall sections I cannot get to show up. Any help? I have attached the file. Plans_4_Single_Slope_Entry_Slab_for_Contractor_Stairs_MBrm_1.plan