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    Basement Lally Columns

    Ah that works well! I didn't see the "shapes" section.
  2. MikeFFG

    Basement Lally Columns

    Ah interesting. I don't have a "posts" section under the framing section in my software...
  3. MikeFFG

    Basement Lally Columns

    Hi, I have tried searching all the help and the forums but I'm having trouble finding something I imagine to be kind of basic. I am working on designing a finished basement. My basement currently is partially finished. There is a line of structural columns along the center of my basement every 8 feet-ish. I can't really find an obvious way to do this. All the "columns" in the library I see are like decorative columns - these are just basic bare "lally" columns that are structural, and in some places they are covered by a wall (since it's partially finished) but I need to have them there still. I suppose I can use one of the decorative columns and just size it properly but that obviously does not seem like the 'best' solution. I'm using Suite 2019. Thanks!