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  1. Exterior walls of Family Room are angled. Want to create a gable. The ceiling will be vaulted with windows extending to the roof line (similar to a chalet - see example). Thanks for any help. Brian HomeDesigner Pro 2019 Icard Ridge.plan
  2. Well that was just too easy. Thank you so much. Out of curiosity, i noticed that the crown follows the 8' height rather than the new ceiling line. Don't need on this project, but might come up if someone sees this feed in the future.
  3. Adding addition to older home. The structure is a straight gable roof with 8' outside walls on a 5.5 pitch. The ceiling joists are raised to 10' off the floor and attached directly to the rafter. The ceiling drywall is attached to the rafter until the 10' height and then attached to the ceiling joist. Need to know how to set a ceiling joist higher than the wall height. Working in HD Architectural 2018. Thank You Estep #2.plan
  4. Thanks - That is what I assumed. It looks as if you designed each pier as a "slab". Correct.
  5. The CBS is a full masonry wall. Pier and Curtain - In short, piers made from CMUs are placed about 5' o.c. around the exterior of the foundation. Bricks (curtain) are places continuously around the foundation in front of the piers. See attached foundation plan. Thanks.
  6. I have looked help on creating a Pier (CMU) and Curtain (brick) foundation wall. I am sure that I am just not seeing it in the help or tutorials. Can someone point me in the right direction? Hopefully, if available, the program would automatically generate interior piers based on floor load requirements. Pro 2016.
  7. Worked -- Thanks... Have no idea why I couldn't see it before.
  8. Home Designer Pro 16 For the life of me, I do NOT see the "Align with Wall Above" tool bar button. I have highlighted the wall, turned on reference floors, and made the wall be in the same plane. Any ideas. On a side note (maybe related) - I was attempting to make the interior portion of the two walls align (one exterior / one interior). After reading help, I changed "snap settings". Now I cannot get back to a simple pointer without the "box-arrow-x" icon attached to pointer. Now when I try to pull straight walls they deflect and become angled. Not sure if the two are related.. Thanks.
  9. Thanks to both for taking the time to respond. I understood the YouTube (I am a GC new to this product). Regarding the jpg (solver). I would have never looked underneath. It is odd that the "footer" is not reflected on the plan view. In addition, it is shown perpendicular with wall defined as requiring a footer. Again.. Thanks.
  10. Yes - When I do that it does something odd to the parallel wall.
  11. I have a garage apartment designed in HD Pro 2016. Mono slab foundation. Because of spans, I need to create a footer under an interior wall to bear a load. I have selected the wall on the 1st floor and checked "Foundation Wall" under the "Wall Specification". I can see the foundation on Level 1 of the plan, but not Level 0.Todd Garage - Plan Copy.plan
  12. Thank you all -- Defining the room BALCONY does the trick!
  13. Using Home Designer Suite 2016 Have a garage with living space upstairs. Upstairs deck extends over the garage door below. I have two options, in order of preference: 1) Cantilever the deck so no support posts are required. The software is auto-generating posts. Based on tutorials, "pro" can eliminate these in "defaults/rooms/deck". This does not appear to be available in Suite. Anyone know? 2) Since the deck is supported on two sides with walls, I should be able to have the joists run parallel to the garage, thus removing the need for posts. Cannot see how to set joist direction. 3) Remove the post by beefing up the beam to have a greater span. Cannot find how to define structural spans. THANKS!
  14. Thanks Jo Ann. That looks good. However, I should have explained the issue better. The existing home was constructed with a gable roof running across the back (top to bottom based on the layout). Another (not relevant) gable was extended off that one running to the front of the house (to the left on the layout). To keep cost down, we would want to "over" build the roof for the new addition onto the existing roof. As David said, we could modify the footprint of the addition, but set backs and other constraints come into play. Just for chuckles, I attached a couple of pics of the existing. With the Master Bedroom proud of the main house, the roof lines become a little convoluted. The opposite side isn't and issue since in sets in. Think it is just a limitation of the HD Suite version. Given that I and new with the software, it would be nice if we could layout the existing house and "freeze" the roof. The addition could then be built on the existing. Based on David's vid -- looks like PRO can accomplish this. May I wrong, but thanks for any suggestions.
  15. David, Thanks so much for your time. I am using Suite. The product is much more robust than I thought, so not being able to manipulate the roof isn't a huge deal. I do appreciate seeing how PRO works. Again -- I appreciate your insight.
  16. Thanks David... Home Designer Suite 2015 The walls that are cross-hatched are the homes original footprint.
  17. Starting with an existing home layout, I created an addition. The addition is offset and to the rear of the existing home. The existing home had a full gable roof with a side gable. When I generate the side gable, the system places the "existing" ridge off center because of the addition. This creates an extended rafter. In other words, I would like to keep the ridge centered so the "new" roof will be built on the existing. The gable in question is over the Master Bath. Renovation - Option 4.plan