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  1. Hello, Newb here; would some kind person please point me to someplace I can download plans for Home Designer Architectural 2019 that have a Mezzanine (s) ? Found several links for how to create a Mezzanine in between the first floor and the second floor using Open Below etc but suspect that from eating too much at Thanksgiving I've reduced my mental faculties... ceiling heights and stairs seem to resist my feeble attempts. others must have figured this out and perhaps could share a plan with me ? all I want to do is: 2 floors in 30 feet wide by 90 feet long structure, 1st and 2nd floors have 15 feet ceilings. A Mezzanine area/platform across the house, 8 feet above the first floor. Stairs leading to Mezz, from 1st floor and from Mezz to 2nd floor. The 2nd floor only covers the rear 40 feet of the property. Do we have a User Plan file area here ? Cheers, Simon