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  1. Thanks, David, Your video was a great help, I believe I know understand how cameras work in conjunction with layouts. Chuck
  2. Chuck767

    Sill plate

    I believe I have concluded that the sill plate his part of the stemwall “I” , which surprises me because I thought stem walls were strictly concrete. But being part of the stem wall, means it is not structure , which seems reasonable. Regards, Chuck
  3. Chuck767

    Sill plate

    Am I correct in assuming the sill plate is part of the “floor structure “ ie “L”? So “L” would include the sill plate, the floor joists, and 3/4” sub floor ? This seems logical to me but I’m getting some strange looking cross sections through the foundation area where the dimensions don’t add up. Thanks, Chuck
  4. David, Thanks for your detailed post. Relative to your comment, “you open the view in layout by double-clicking on it and then once opened you close it and allow it to update to the layout,” this just doesn’t happen when I do this, ie, no update occurs Relative to “ or you can also select a cross-section or elevation camera view on a layout page and then while selected, left-click on the tool icon in the Edit Toolbar that says "Update View". “. My edit toolbar does not have an “update view.”. See attached photo. I was able to Update the layout section view By left clicking on the section review, then right clicking it. This allowed a drop-down menu that had “update view “. Clicking this updated my section. I also noticed in the lower left corner of the screen the same update icon which I did not recognize previously. So I understand how to update sections on the layout pages And it sounds like there is no way to HIDE the cameras in the plan views. With Manny section reviews on my plan view things get a little confusing with all the liens and I sure wish there was a way to hide these lines. Thanks again, Chuck
  5. I David, It seems no matter what I do, the only way I can get the cameras to not show on the plan View is to manually eliminate them. I’m relatively new to this program and I thought The camera views would update if I’ve made changes in the plan view. So if I Eliminate the cameras in the plan view my layout views will not be updated. I Created a sample plan and tried several things with the camera and ended up having the same situation as in the plan that I have been working with, It has about 25 cameras Icons. So I really don’t understand what’s going on here. Maybe I have a corrupt installation of home designer Thanks for the help, Chuck
  6. Eric, I followed your video precisely And I still can't make the cameras disappear on the plan view. I don't know what's going on but I cannot make them go away I can see your cameras disappear When you go through That check off sequence Unless somebody has any other ideas It looks like I will have to call tech support. Thanks again, Chuck
  7. Thanks Eric, appreciate your help I’ll try this later this evening Chuck
  8. In the display settings It doesn't matter if camera is checked or not I still see the cameras in my plan views
  9. Eric I looked in the preferences for cameras and could not find anything that would Allow me to hide the cameras in the plan view In the display option, The cameras still show No matter If the camera is checked or not check Any other suggestions? Or, am I missing something here? Chuck
  10. Is there a setting where I can hide all of the cameras in the main plan view? I want to keep them but I don’t want them to show all the time. Thanks, Chuck