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  1. Thanks again for your help. I figured it out. Under the "Display Options" menu, you can adjust the weight of the lines that appear in the "Define Wall" menu. They were set at "35", not sure what that number refers to, but reducing the line weight to 5 or less fixed the issue.
  2. I appreciate the help, if the bold lines on the Wall type menu pages don't have any detrimental effects, I don't expect you to spend time on it. One question from an earlier post about the situation where I had a blank spot of siding on my exterior wall. You said to grab the wall and drag to cover the blank area. In what view would I "grab & drag, I'm having trouble in that I can only seem to get siding over half the blank area. Also, I did not understand the purpose of building with a room divider wall to build a small room. Thank you for the help. Accurate Terrain w New Final PlanA.plan I've attached a copy of my plan.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I managed to get rid of the bold color lines that were over riding the wall display layers n the floorplan view, by resetting “Preferences” to Reset to Default. I still though have the same image in the “Define Walls” page as I sent in, and these fat black lines are in no matter which type of wall type menu I display. I now also notice that my exterior layer on the Floorplan , no longer shows “hatches colored angled lines going through the siding layer which made it easier to define? I wasn’t able to find any icon that was remotely similar to what you displayed to turn off “line weighting”. If one just hits reply on the email, will it come into the forum posts? Thanks again.
  4. I've managed to make some previous changes In the way wall layers display, but I can't figure out how to correct the situation. When I zoom on a wall in floor plan view, the layers of wall, i.e. siding, etc. are blacked out by think colored lines. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Accurate Terrain w New Final PlanA.plan Hello Thanks for the reply. I hope the plan made it, let me know if it didn't. Thanks again.
  6. I am completely redoing a 1 1/2 story floorplan, and I have meticulously followed directions on videos and articles to build the basic 1 1/2 stories. When I have reduced the two story to set on the 1st floor walls, and created a gable roof, there are blank exterior siding areas, and I'm not exactly sure how to remedy this. In my original plan, I did a variety of moves that sorta fixed the problem but there were seams in the exterior siding and it was not correctly done. I can almost cover the blank spot by building an exterior wall in the floorplan, but what if I don't want a wall in that location? I've included a couple of pictures to help explain. As always, thank you very much for any suggestions or help.Glass House Problem.MHTFull Perspective Problem.MHT Let me know if the files didn't make it through. Didn't know how to post as just an image, sorry?
  7. Thank you. Appreciate the suggestions. Using text makes the most sense. Thanks
  8. I created a Plot Plan using the coordinates on my building lot, and then from this created a terrain perimeter. All good, but the labels and dimensions on the Terrain Perimeter boundary lines are too small. I've spent hours changing defaults, preferences, and following the directions on the article I used to create the plot plan. so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks I did my signature, but in case it doesn't show, I'm using Homedesigner Pro 2015. R Baroni
  9. Thanks for the replies. I've searched and haven't turned up anything that puts me in the right direction. I have Home Designer Pro 2015. I don't see anything on my Dimension Defaults that would allow me to do what I am attempting to do, but obviously I could be missing something there. Somehow it seems that I have to isolate the opening I want to measure to the center of while blocking out the opening in which I don't want a measurement, if that makes any sense. Appreciate any suggestions.
  10. I'd like to get one dimension to an opening, such as a window, without getting all the intermediate smaller dimensions on the way to the window opening. Is this possible? Thank you (I have Homedisignerpro 2015)