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  1. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    That was the secret! All views look correct now. Thank you so much Solver.
  2. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    Plan was over 25MB - had to zip it. See attached. Aprils (Tricia) House 1-REVERSED 2 with 2nd Floor.zip
  3. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    OK, got all roof planes moved to upper floor but this did not get rid of the double roof view I get in Perspective Full Overview. I am open to further suggestions.
  4. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    I've got the roof planes selected but can't seem to find the Display On Floor Above icon.
  5. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    What I am trying to do is slope the top floor roof all the way down to encompass the 1st floor. I don't want a double roof.
  6. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    Hi, and thanks for the tip on signatures. I did check ignore top floor but then the upper floor will not show in Doll House view, just Perspective Full Overview.
  7. jwbassgarl

    Roof Problem

    Hello all. I need some help modeling my roof. I have added a second floor over the garage but It created a double roof. See the attachment. I am trying to create a single roof over the whole house but everything I've tried does not work (rebuilt roofs & roof planes, changed 2nd floor height, reset plan to defaults - done all of these numerous times). I've searched the forum but could not find anything that would help. Any ideas how I can eliminate the the lower roof? I'm using HD pro 2019 build