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    Home Designer Suite 2019 dimensions

    I'm new to this software. The tutorials say I can set default framing dimensions but when I look for these setting they aren't even listed in the menu dialogs, not even under default settings. Is this a limitation of the Home Designer Suite 2019 and only available in the more expensive versions of this software? Almost every tutorial that I've viewed shows menu items that are NOT listed anywhere in this software. For instance I not only want to change the dimension of the ceiling joists but need to. The default ceiling joist is 2"x6". That's NOT even close to the standard code for the east cost and I doubt anywhere in the US for that fact. So is it this version that simply doesn't work or is NOT meant to work as they want you to by the much more expensive pro version or what? I'm truly disappointed in this software considering that none of the tutorials apply to this version. Help about shows: Home Designer Suite 2019 Build: May 31, 2018 Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.