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    Importing Terrain

    Thank you Dig 5050. I followed your advice and imported the PDF, sized it and then drew over it. Now I want to not display the original PDF. The only way I can see to turn it off is to uncheck the CAD layer. This then also removes the property and setback lines I drew over the PDF. Am I missing something? Thanks again.
  2. Sedona

    Importing Terrain

    Thank you for taking your time to help me! I am using Home Designer Pro 2019 The lot is more of a rectangle with the northern length of 165.85' and a bite out the southwest corner. (I have attached a PDF of the info I am trying to import) There are three points outside the lot, of the neighbor's ridge-line and chimney. The surveyor is nice but I don't think knows software outside of what he uses. Thank you for any other insight!!! Doug 18179 Barnes Topo- REV 2018-10-29-1.pdf
  3. Sedona

    Importing Terrain

    Good morning, I am a newbie and hoping someone could help me to understand where I am going wrong. I am trying to import a topo for a 20,000 sq ft lot that includes the location of some trees. The surveyor said the file was Y,X,Z with description ( file as (Y,X,Z,D) where Y is the Northing (Y coordinate), X is the Easting (X coordinate), is the Elevation and D is the description (also called point code). . I select the # Y X Z description comma delimited. Then I don't know what to select on the next page but have tried both feet and inches. (I also not know what to choose with the Origin check boxes.) Example line - 2001,43123.710,45897.440,4370.380,RB > NO ID Full file is attached. I have tried multiple times to load it. Most of the time it doesn't appear to even parcel the data.18179 TopoPoints.txt Thank you for any help, Doug