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    Interior Wall as Stair Handrail

    You know, the picture actually looks like what I want. I just grabbed it to show the space that exists between the solid railing and the open area from upstairs without really looking close. I'll be darned if I know why the 2 step railing looks good in the picture. I reload my plan and it doesn't look quite like that.
  2. WEJJR1

    Interior Wall as Stair Handrail

    Thank you, Jo_Ann. It is almost what I want to see. The stair rail does not terminate at the ceiling, however. There is an approximate 2' open area between the rail and the opening to the second floor. See green area in stair plan picture. The railing configuration in the short 90 degree stair leg is the same as the main stair. I'll continue to work with your suggestion and Eric's to come up with an acceptable solution for myself. I appreciate the tips and thanks again!
  3. WEJJR1

    Interior Wall as Stair Handrail

    Eric - Cool, I'll see if I can get something to work using your suggestion. It looks promising. I've got about 80% of my floor plan complete - much more than the plan I uploaded. The real stairs are going to stay the way they are for the house remodel, so getting them modeled exactly is not essential to me. Just as long as the 3D looks good. It's just a personal quirk to spend too much time trying to fix things like this. I didn't even think of using a soffit to fill the gap. I'll post how this works out later. Thanks, again!
  4. WEJJR1

    Interior Wall as Stair Handrail

    Thank you for your quick reply, sir. Forgive me as I'm not particularly forum savvy. I'm not sure if the Help, YouTube and Knowledge Base links you gave are for my original post or my signature issue. I assume it's for my original post. I have already spent quite a few hours trying to find an answer or method to my question using those resources, hence, that's why I'm on the forums asking. I guess I'll assume the answer is no and move on. Thank you, again.
  5. WEJJR1

    Interior Wall as Stair Handrail

    I'm using HD Suite 2019, laying out my home for a remodel. The existing stairs in my home use a wall cut at the same slope as the stairs as a handrail on one side. I have messed with the all the stair, wall and half-wall tools I can think of to get a "reasonable" representation of how it looks in 3D, though not at all accurate as to how it is built. My question(s): Is there a way to construct an interior wall that is higher at one end than the other in HD Suite? If not, is this ability available in HD Pro? Or, maybe I am missing something? The picture below should be a wall without the circled recess. I've uploaded a plan file of the house with only the stair area I'm referring to modeled. Thanks in advance for any help. Stair-Question-WEJJR1.plan