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  1. In the Game Room Library there is a pinball machine. How can I change the Game_Screen material to be an image that I have of the actual pinball translite? I put the image in my user catalog, but I can't use it as a material for that. Maybe how do I convert a image to a material?
  2. I think I'm getting a decent start on it for a newbie. I figured out how to put a countertop on top of a 42" half wall for my wet bar. Still a lot to do with the details, but I'm loving this software ... just have to get through the learning curve.
  3. KingBillW

    Basement Wet Bar

    Initial concepts for adding a nice size wet bar in my basement
  4. I found the under counter refrigerator and ice maker ... not sizeable, but I can make it work. Using kitchen cabinets for the "behind the bar/under the bar counter" as a substitute, even though in the real world they are not as deep. I will have to adjust once I find that depth. I still need to figure out how to put a flat counter on the bar height half wall and make it look realistic. Any suggestions?
  5. Has anyone designed in a permanent wet bar in a basement corner? Are there any cool/easy libraries out there for those types of design components? I have the game room library with the dry bar. My wet bar will be permanent and in a corner, about a 10x10 area. Bar refrigerator cabinets/counter along exterior walls, bar with bar stools surrounding the hidden interior wall area that will have the wet bar built in. Just like your neighborhood small sports bar with TVs and such. Any suggestions for libraries to use, or how to use some of the standard tools to design it? I have the "Suite" software version 2014. Thank you in advance