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    Gift for Handyman

    I have a friend who is just establishing himself as a handyman with a long term goal of becoming a contractor. He has worked for a contractor doing mostly bathroom demo but may want to add landscaping and garage remodeling (adding cabinets and making the attic area of garages usable and other DIY things like adding lighting and plugs) and other things. I would like to start him off on HD, but am unsure of what ppm would be best for him. I am not even sure what questions to ask and of course since it is a gift the Pro is a bit steep for a gift needless to say. He also has some wood patio repair and modification work upcoming. I am thinking it might be helpful to the ability to cost out these small jobs to bid them and not lose $ on over purchasing materials like wood and paint and nails/connectors. Advice would be great!!! Thank you in advance for your help!