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  1. I was afraid that was the case. That stinks. Thanks
  2. A colleague sent me his file to work on, but he uses the 2020 version of HDP, and I use 2019. I wasn't able to open his file. Is there any way he could save his file, such that I can open it? That seems very poor to me that two consecutive versions can't be compatible to the point of not even being able to open the file at all, yet they have the same extension. Please help. Thanks
  3. yes...I wish.. :-) I think I got it though! I created my main roof as I wanted it, then created extra break points on the roof plane to make a notch in front of the future dormer. Then I created a new manual roof plane with a lower pitch to go where the notch is. Then I created my knee walls and specified the attic space. Then added the dormer in front of the notch/manual roof plane, and voila!! The only thing I haven't figured out yet is the small attic walls on each side of the lower pitch roof to fill in the holes there...I tried to add them, but it didn't work well so far. Will try again.
  4. Thanks Eric, I figured it out. I was placing the dormer on the knee wall, but it appears that it needs to be placed a little ahead of it to form. Now a new question...can I create a recessed (inset) dormer in home designer pro 2019? I can't find any info or example on that.
  5. Thanks Eric for your response. That's what I tried to do, but the dormer did not show up. It only shows a thin line box, no roof on the layout, and nothing in the 3D view.
  6. Hi, Designing a multi level house with a hip roof. I tried to create knee walls in some sections of the second floor to create a 1.5 story, but I get an error message (got several different messages through my multiple different attempts, but I took a picture of one of them, see attached), and the software ignores the fact that I have defined them as knee walls and creates a two story height on them. Is it possible that the software requires gable walls to consider these walls as knee walls? I can't figure it out. And also, after watching the training videos, I thought it was about
  7. I am used to having white and yellow lines in Autocad, against a dark grey background, so I was keeping consistency between the two as far as layer definition goes. In Autocad, it is not an issue as you can select a monochrome printing mode, that turns all colors into black... So I guess I have to change all my light colors, to another color. That's a shame.
  8. Thanks so much Eric for being so responsive and helpful by the way! I am trying to print my layout as a pdf. All of my white colored lines don't show up on the pdf, even through I have selected greyscale in the preference when no color. Is there a way to print in a monochrome mode, meaning all lines come out black, no matter what the layer color is? Thanks again Alex Montpetit first floor layout 1-27-19.pdf
  9. Hi, I drew a regular deck, and selected the support beam size, posts size, etc... But the beam is automatically positioned 16" inches inward from the edge of the deck, making it cantilevered. Why is that and how can I fix it, so that the beam is directly under the posts? Thanks!
  10. ok thanks. That's unfortunate when you transfer files into Autocad...
  11. Hi, I was able to remove the solid fill of cabinets through the default setting menu, but I can't find how to remove the fill color of interior fixtures such as sinks, washing machine, etc... Please let me know. Thank you!
  12. AlexT8113

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    Resolved! Issue was due to my out of date graphic card driver! So odd! But it worked!
  13. AlexT8113

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    Thanks guys for looking into it. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I get the same issue... I was hoping there would be a check box somewhere that would not allow me to modify these labels. I guess I will contact support.
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    I should add that I get the same issue when I try in another plan.
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    Hi, This was working fine on my first computer. Today, I switched computers and installed HDP 2019 on my new laptop. After doing so, the doors and windows labels can no longer be specified nor suppressed. When I try to click on the suppress box or on the specify label option, nothing happens. It worked before I made the switch. I also lost several fonts in the process for some reason. Thanks if you can figure this one out. Gore_renovation_2018.plan