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    Drawing with "Lines"

    Thanks for the response. I will look into your suggestions. Good point with your comparison between the two products ... I just figured trimming and offsetting lines was a more basic feature in 2018. Thanks again.
  2. RyanJS430

    Drawing with "Lines"

    I have been exploring the trial version of the Home Designer Pro version of this software to see if it will meet my needs ... I want to do my own construction drawings for a small, 11' × 14', addition to our house (kitchen). I am aware this program will generate exterior elevations and framing detail/cross sections; however, I would rather just draw them "manually" using the line tool. In the early 2000's I was employed as an architectural draftsman, and my employer used ArchiCAD (I do not recall which version). I like this Home Designer software because it is very similiar to that earlier version of ArchiCAD; however, it seems as though you cannot draw with lines as freely. Offsetting and trimming lines seems impossible and every line drawn seems to snap/connect to specific points along other lines. My project is a simple one and I feel I can more quickly, and effectively, draw my exterior elevations and the two framing details I need with lines, the old fashion way, verses having to draw my entire house and have the program render the elevations and cross sections. If anyone understands my question, I would appreciate any feedback or leads to a tutorial, assuming this program can function in that way. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.