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    Prow Roof in the Middle of Gable Roof Plane

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the suggestions, I think I made them as you listed them. I'll add my plan file when I get home. I did do a fair amount of reading on this topic but just couldn't figure it out... any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob
  2. Hi, I'm using Home Designer Suite (2018) in Windows 10. I'm quite the beginner. I am trying to do a design where a prow roof rises up out of one of the two roof planes of a simple gable roof (i.e. on the rear side of the house). I'm able to follow the HD demo on how to build a prow roof that forms the entire wall of a house, but I'm having trouble building that prow roof to be just a portion of the side of the house. Please see the exterior photo attached of my simple design. As you can see, I've been able to create the exterior of the design I want, with dormers on either side of the prow roof. That's exactly what I want. The half of the house that is against that wall that has the prow roof is a set of "Open Below" rooms from the second floor down onto a first floor. From the exterior I've achieved the look that I want for that wall. On the front side of the house I want there to be three second story bedrooms, each with its own dormer (please ignore the fact that I haven't allowed for walkways, a loft, stairs, etc. for the second floor on the front side of the house - I'm just posting a simple design at the moment, focused on getting a certain exterior look). My issue is with the interior. I've attached the second floor (top floor) floor plan for my design to this post. The only way I could get the exterior design I am looking for is to create two vertical exterior walls which run vertically up the center of the floor plan, one coming up from each side of the prow roof. But I don't necessarily want such walls inside the house. Perhaps an interior wall on one side, but I want to make at least one, if not both, of those two vertical walls not be there - i.e. not be present on the second floor. This is an Open Below design on that side of the house, and having two large exterior walls cut across the second floor of an Open Below area is obviously not desirable - it should all be open space up to the roof. When I remove those two interior exterior walls, or replace them with invisible walls, or pull them too far back towards the prow roof, eventually I get openings in the exterior - the little triangular areas that are on the sides of the prow roof walls, just above the gable roof planes, open up and cause openings from the outside into the house into the second floor. Obviously I don't want that, I want the exterior wall to just be the little triangles on the side of the prow roof up from the gable roof planes, and nothing further into the interior of the second floor. Essentially I want them to act the way the exterior walls of dormers act - they don't come into the house, they just support the gable (from the exterior) of the dormer window. I should mention that the way I got the gable roof plane to come down lower than the prow roof is to make the ceiling of the second floor Open Below rooms be only 24". Should I remove the second floor walls on that side altogether and have the roof ignore the second floor walls? I tried that but it only makes a mess on the other side of the house, where I want to have actual bedrooms on the second floor (with dormers). Essentially I'd like the prow roof to intersect the gable roof plane the same way that a dormer wall intersects a gable roof plan - at the same angle as the gable roof plane so no appearance of an exterior wall comes down into the house, below the gable roof plane. But I can't get that to work. Can anyone advise? Thanks. Bob prow in gable floor plans.plan