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    Can you help me fix my roof?

    Hello. I'm working on a plan to add a garage to our existing 1-level ranch. The main level floor is about 41" above the driveway, thus the garage floor will be about 41" lower than the main level floor. I'm trying to take advantage of this and stuff a bonus room above the new garage. On the front of the garage I've added a gable roof above the garage doors to keep snow from piling up in front of the doors, and also to add head room above the garage. On the rear of the new garage, I've added a dormer with a shed roof. I'm having a couple issues currently... the gable roof on the front of the garage is not high enough (pitch is too low), I want the ridge of the gable to meet the ridge of the main roof -- I can't edit the pitch since there is no hip roof wall here (I've split the wall) I want to remove the hip roof in front of the dormer, so I can add windows there (see cross-section) -- I've extended the eave of the dormer to match that of the main roof I realize my plan has a bunch of issues, please ignore, I'm working on it! I'd love some feedback regarding my 2 problems above, and any general feedback as well. Plan and screenshots attached. Also, I'm using Home Designer Suite 2019. Thanks! Evergreen.plan