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  1. Dan_public

    Exporting 2D Floor Plan View

    David, Many thanks for your feedback. It helped tremendously. Unfortunately, I found that Home Designer did not have quite the functionality I needed. The big one for me is the lack of Layers and Layer Sets. After working with Layers in Sketchup for years, it is very difficult for me to work without them. So... Even though the cost made (and still makes) my stomach churn, I upgraded to CA Interiors. Although the CA Interiors learning curve is even steeper, Interiors provides the functionality I need. I'm making much better progress with my As Is model. Again, thanks for the your help. Best regards, Dan.
  2. Dan_public

    Exporting 2D Floor Plan View

    Hi. I have Home Designer Pro 2019. I'd like to share a standard 2D Floor Plan view (layout and dimensions) allowing someone else to zoom in for details, see precise dimensions, etc. I think I'm looking for a 2D viewer similar to the 3D viewer. Is there any way to do this other than exporting or printing a static picture? Thanks, Dan.