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    Roof and dormers on second story of House

    Thanks for your responses! Yes, I've been looking for a Structural Engineer to work on the plans but since many people in my neighborhood have added on, we had an idea of what we were getting into. We already have bids for all the piering. I have a contractor looking at the plans this weekend but it would be nice to at least give him the correct idea on the front of the house for the roof. I have consulted with a couple of architects since I'm a designer to make sure it was in good shape. So I'm mostly at this point dealing with not really understanding roofs. I'll check out the links in this thread. Carina
  2. Hi! I'm using the Home Designer software and am clearly a novice. I'm going to be doing a remodel on my house and purchased the software for that purpose only. So I would love the following help: 1. Hire an Chief Architect expert to help me make sure I've done everything correctly before we bid the project to contractors. 2. Roof line. I can't seem to find a tutorial to help me create a pitched roof on the second story of the house with dormers. I think I might also just be scared I'm going to screw this up. Clearly, I'm not an architect and would love to just have a consultation on this piece (see 1:)). 3. Is there a way to show existing part of the house vs. new part of the house? Thanks in advance! Carina