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    Flagstone walkways and patio

    I want to create front yard walkway and patio with flagstone for a southwestern style landscape. I did not find flagstone in the material library or any of the manufacturers catalogues - free or purchased. I am currently doing it by selecting the shapes available on terrain tools and also polyline tool but it takes a long time and results are far from desirable. Is there a better way of doing this?
  2. Vani80

    Plot plan setback lines

    Setback requirements for my property are 20’ front and back and 5’ on either side. Following instructions, I was able to do the concentric setback equal all around but I am not able to figure out how to do different setbacks on sides. I tried to break line and manually shift the side lines to create 5’ setback on either side . Then I stretched the lines to join them back but the result is not very accurate. I am a new user and using home designer-pro. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. Vani80

    Plot plan setback lines

    David, Thank you so much for your help. I was able to get it right by breaking the side line and then moving it as you showed. Also, holding the command key (Mac) worked well for stretching the arc so that was a great tip I got from watching you do it. I really appreciate you going extra length to make this video. It was really helpful and I was able to get it right. I agree with you we should not expect the software to do perfect job for site plan but I was getting a completely distorted arc without these couple of simple yet great tips you showed. Thanks again.
  4. Vani80

    Plot plan setback lines

    Thank you David for your reply. I tried by turning off the snaps and after selecting the dimension with mouse click (arc line), filled 20' in the box. Same issue remains for the arc Then I filled the 20' setback under preferences> edit behavior> concentric > jump, thinking that I would not have to change anything on the arc and will rather change the straight edges on the sides by filling out the dimension boxes. This time too as the change occurred on sides the setback got distorted at the arc When I first chose concentric>jump for 20', it comes out fine all sides including the arc. It is when I change the dimensions (by filling the box) either on the arc or any sides, that the arc setback gets distorted.
  5. Vani80

    Plot plan setback lines

    I use Home designer-Pro 2019 By editing the temporary dimensions or by moving the line manually it is the arc that does not come out 20'