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    Home Designer Suite 2015 Roofing Question

    Thanks Everyone! I got it to where I need it. I have two small corrections- that aren't mandatory, but would like to experiment with. One is to move a window on the gable end centered over the mudroom wall (doesn't allow this?) and the other is to tie in the farmer porch to the garage roof. Thanks Again.
  2. JMH283Lions

    Home Designer Suite 2015 Roofing Question

    Update, So I'm getting real close- thanks for everyone's help. Geometry checking is certainly key as well as looking at each room definition and teh associated structural deisgn. Something is still a bit off with the garage tie-in. Hope to correct it soon. Any tips on roof tie-ins there would be great. Thanks Everyone! J
  3. JMH283Lions

    Home Designer Suite 2015 Roofing Question

    Thanks Mick, I attached above are a few screen shots from ACAD that show it pretty well. And attched is the PDF set of plans (You can get a good idea with the framing views. The mudroom, elevation changes, layout of that space etc. are a bit of a challenge even to visualize for the builder, so that prompted the desire for Home designer. Please notes my PDF set of plans show the garage as a 50 degree angle from the house (per survey), but to ease the build we are building it at a 45 deg and that is what is show in the home designer plan. Thanks! Jeremiah 283Lions2D_10FTMudroom102914.pdf
  4. JMH283Lions

    Home Designer Suite 2015 Roofing Question

    Thanks Everyone! Attached is my plan. Any help would great. I see two main areas that are causing issues (the house knee wall recognition and the shed dormer connector on the mudroom connecting to the proper pitch/tie-in to the garage. I did go back to basics and re-try a few basic tutorials and I notice that on a new plan from scratch, I do the 30' x40' model toturial from the videos, add two knee walls at 5' in (names them as such) and it only seems to recognize one of them. I can delete them, redraw,and still it only accepts one?....seems to acknoledge the first one I draw, then not the second one (IE I the roof ignores the 2nd knee wall added-front or rear) I would be willing to pay for some service needed, as this is a once/done type project need. Thanks! Jeremiah Hoffman283.plan
  5. JMH283Lions

    Home Designer Suite 2015 Roofing Question

    Morning Everyone, New to the software. I am an ACAD user, and found this software to be excellent after a few videos, and trials. I am working on a home/ addition project and continuing to have roofing issues. I feel I am getting close, but stuck even after reviewing and trying many posts, guides etc. The home should show a dormer Thanks in ADvance, Jeremiah