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    3D Warehouse

    In case anyone is still watching this thread . . . Never tried 3D Warehouse, but I have been recently perusing It's not as splashy as the 3D Warehouse site, and the quality varies considerably, but there is a lot of good stuff on there. Everything downloads as a .zip file which includes the object in .3ds and .GSM formats. I've had success about 70% of the time importing the .3ds files into HD Pro 16. The downloads often contain image files and I haven't really figured out how to properly utilize those - sometimes an item imports with the correct textures/colors shown in the images, and sometimes I get a green object in the shape of what I expected. Downloads that only have the object files and no extra images seen to import best. Maybe would be more useful to you if the other site's objects aren't compatible? I don't know how much content is on 3d warehouse, but archive3d looks to have over 43000 items. Cheers, Christa