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  1. Timberlake18

    Losing panning ability in 3D

    So when I am viewing in 3D, if I make any change to the plan (edit a wall for example) I lose the ability to move the plan/building around as before. I notice that the Select icon now has a small check mark in the bottom corner. I would love to be able to move the plan around even after making changes. Thanks!
  2. Timberlake18

    Editing foundation

    That did it! Thanks so much!
  3. Timberlake18

    Editing foundation

    Thanks for the quick replies. Tried deleting/rebuilding the foundation. It wipes out the floor plan. But still shows on 3D. Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural 2019
  4. Timberlake18

    Editing foundation

    So after drawing out my floor plan, I want to change the foundation from stem wall to slab. When I try it, using the Build Floor dialog box, it hides or erases my floor plan. 3D still shows it, which is odd. So how do I change the foundation? Thanks!