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  1. Thanks to all for the discussion above, and thanks to solver for the videos. I didn't find time yesterday evening to work on this thing, but I will soon. I'll see what happens when I can get back into it.
  2. Mr. Potter, Wow! 41 minutes of teaching - that's awesome! I greatly appreciate that video. I probably won't have time to watch it entirely until late this evening, but I most certainly will (a couple times over, I'm sure), and let you know how it goes in Suite. Again, thank you SOOO much for your time and efforts. I'll be back in touch as soon as I can, once I have a chance to review the video a couple of times and try to digest it. Thank you!!
  3. The stairs are supposed to lead up to the 2nd floor room above the garage, the bonus room. Again, I was trying to mimic the floor plan shown on that website. Here's a snip showing that 2nd floor plan with the stairs coming up from the great room: Here's a snip showing the stairs in the great room on the first floor:
  4. Mr. Potter, I appreciate your early-morning words of wisdom. A few responding comments for after you've had coffee and eggs : I do not intend to have a loft room over the great room at all. If my current plan shows that, it's just me screwing it up trying to get the roof/vault geometry in efforts to match the online plan. I only intend to have one 2nd floor room, and that would be a small bonus room over the garage, with the stairwell off the edge of the great room as drawn. For your second paragraph, are you saying that the online floor plan coupled with their elev
  5. Hi all, I come in need of some help. I've worked myself into a headache trying to match a floor plan we found online that we would like to build, with a few minor modifications. I've attached my current plan file for reference. Here's a link to the floorplan: Three things I'm struggling with, big time. 1.) I want to have the vaulted ceiling in the great room, with the center of the room lining up with the roof ridge line. The current roof auto
  6. Eric - Thank you so much for the videos! Videos are a great way to learn with everything so visual and easily followed. I greatly appreciate it. LawB10 - thanks for the information. That floor plan is on a couple different house plan websites that I've seen. I'm modifying it slightly (less bump outs, flatter roof pitch, etc.), but the general flow of the floor plan is what we're looking for. I'm hoping to get it drawn up and get a material list developed to get some early cost estimates put together to even see if this will be feasible. Jo_Ann - You hit my original
  7. Hi Eric, Thanks for your response! I guess my Suite version doesn't have those capabilities you show in your snip above. Here's what I see under the roof build option: Is there another option to clean up those overhangs? For the second issue, can you expound a little? I'm not sure where to add walls to get those roof planes on the same line. The upper ridge line needs to move towards the front of the house. For the third issue with that nice large gable on the front elevation, the dormer option doesn't allow it to "break" the roof at th
  8. If it helps, here's a photo of what I'm aiming for, less the additional bump and subsequent gable on the right of the elevation.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to get the basics of exterior walls and a roof line for a house we're considering building, with three things that are hanging me up currently. Attached picture #1 shows the overhang on the front somehow being much wider than the default 18" setting. I can't figure out how it's doing that. The second picture shows two roof lines that I would like to match up for the back of the house. I want the front to have the stepped wall with large front-facing gable, but for both ridges to meet (albeit at different heights) and for the back roof to be on the same plane.
  10. Thanks, solver! I had tried that once before but I guess it's finicky with snaps or something. After moving those walls way out of line, it allowed me to pull them back and place in line with the referenced floor below. Same with the auto generated attic walls for the gables. With just trying to move from existing location to the referenced floor it was like it wouldn't snap in there. I was hoping that would fix a roof issue I had on the back side with the shed roof. It throws the eave out much wider than the 13" set in the dimension box. It also shows what looks
  11. I'm looking for help on wall alignment issues. I've attached a picture of what's going on. In the picture the 2nd story is stepped in from the 1st story. On the opposite side of the house it's reversed. I'm thinking there's something I've done to mess this up, as I don't remember this the last time I worked on this plan. I've scoured though a bunch of the home talk forums and found something that looks like it would work, posted in this thread by Solver: I'm guessing HD Suite doesn't include the align w/ floor below tool that Solver used here. Does anyone have any oth
  12. Eric, I guess I had it correct all along! I'm thinking that I wasn't looking at the correct 3D rendering/view. I'm calling the reverse-gable the roof setup on the 2nd floor, with the L-shaped roof with two separate ridge lines. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll attempt to exhaust all self-help options next time prior to posting in the forum. Thanks again!
  13. Hello everyone. I've started working with HD Suite 2019 for a house remodel/addition project. I'm currently trying to get a solid "as-built" model detailed out before working on attaching an addition to it. So far I have found this software to be amazing, but I'm struggling a bit with a roof. I've attached a .zip file with my house model so far, as well as a picture of the house I'm working on. The original house is a two-story reverse-gable roof, and sometime later the little slant roof to the right in the picture was added on as an addition. I was able to get the slant roof in the mode