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  1. revlution4

    No garage foundation

    Thank you Jo_Ann !! That worked, I thought I was going to have to spend some money and upgrade my program! Thanks to all of you for your help its nice to be able to reach out!
  2. revlution4

    No garage foundation

    I don't have that option unfortunately, I attached a screenshot of what is under "Structure" for the Garage. Am I in the wrong menu? Thanks
  3. revlution4

    No garage foundation

    Maybe I got it, let me know and thanks for your time looking at it. Evenson
  4. revlution4

    No garage foundation

    I'm at 75 mb for the plan size and can't get it to attach. So I compressed the .plan file and it only drops to 26.3 KB, close, I guess I'll have to get rid of a couple things and try again.
  5. revlution4

    No garage foundation

    Thank you for the signature add on. Yes I have auto rebuild foundation checked and monolithic slab.
  6. revlution4

    No garage foundation

    Thanks in advance for any advice or help! I am designing a home with a walkout basement and have that almost complete. I added the garage which comes off the main floor but there is no foundation. Its as if the garage is attached to the house but "floating" because there is no floor. Where did I make a mistake? should I have built the garage before making the lower level of the house? I'm using Home Designer Suite 2019.