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  1. vwexpert

    Garage walls

    Ok...I went into Tools / Display Setting - put ck in Framing, walls. Hit the F12 button. Went into wall definition and removed inside sheet rock. Still have same problem. Ok now I fixed it. I had to go into Build / Framing / Build Framing / Wall - the put check into Build Wall Framing - Ok - F12 Thanks Eric and Mick Jim
  2. vwexpert

    Garage walls

    Thanks...I will try it tonite
  3. vwexpert

    Garage walls

    I tried working with this option...same issue
  4. vwexpert

    Garage walls

    I tried a few different ways and this is the result
  5. vwexpert

    Garage walls

    Thanks Eric....somehow the forum lost my old signature info and shows me as a new member.
  6. vwexpert

    Garage walls

    How to show garage walls without sheetrock - just bare studs