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    Roll out / pull out shelf

    I am using X9 home interiors edition. I am trying to create pull out shelves in the lower half of a tall pantry ... other than only indicating on the shelf type that it is roll out, nothing else happens... Am I missing something? Is there no way the shelf can magically create tracks and become a pull out shelf? Thank you
  2. RaquelPorlamar

    Cup shape/half moon counter

    Hi Everyone, I am relatively new using HI-CA... I'm trying to create a cup shape counter that gets slimmer toward the bottom. Height needs to be around 40", width at top 40" and narrowing to 30 when reaching the floor. I hope you have the patience to explain step by step. I tried CAD, Curved half wall, bowed front counter and couldn't figure out how to completely manipulate the edges to make what I want. see attached example - photos from madeinchine.com